Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mike and I had our 2nd Anniversary on Monday and it was soooo fun. Mike wore his new birthday clothes and I wore my new anniversary date clothes. Thanks Amanda!!!! We got some yummy curry at Twisted Noodle and then went and saw The romantic:) But it was lots of fun and there was lots of blood. What more could you want on a date?

We drove 5 hours to Manassass Virginia where we started off dinner with a visit to Dunkin Donuts. Dessert before dinner is the new hip thing. Think about it? After dinner there's no room for dessert so get it before dinner. Smarty! We got ribs and the best Kabob's ever!!!

Um. I think I need this? Our first stop in DC was at the Natural History Museum. They're holding this crown for me till I have somewhere safe to keep it. Aren't they nice?

A Fish?

Washington Monument is SOOOOOOO TALLLLLLLL!

WWII Memorial. Mike really wanted to be in this photo but we said no cause his love of Utah isn't as great as ours:)

The steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

I really wish we could get closer to the White House but no. It was raining earlier so we stopped at Target and got some Goloshes (no idea how to spell that, maybe I should have just put rain boots)

We finished the trip with a visit to the Holocaust Museum which if you are ever in DC you absolutely have to visit. We were in there for 2 1/2 hours. I would have stayed longer but they were closing so we had to hurry towards the end. I really don't know how to put into words what it was like. It's really quiet in there and the lighting is low. And there is so much information about all the stuff in there that it would take all day to read but you would. Pictures aren't allowed which I can understand but it's still a shame. Some of the memorable displays for me were:
-The photo's of the prisoners when the US first entered the concentration camps. Emaciated and barely able to move.
-All the before and after photo's taken of Synagogues before they were destroyed.
-The box car they transported Jews and Prisoners in. It was an actual box car you could stand in and smell. Rusted metal and old wood with very little ventilation and light.
-Piles of belongings confiscated by the Nazi's categorized into piles: brushes, glasses, scissors
-a miniature of how they gassed people at the camps: walk hundreds of people into an underground room and make them undress, walk them into a room disguised as a shower, drop pellets from some shafts onto the floor that would release the gas, wait 20 minutes, vent the room, send the bodies up a lift to the incinerators and burn 10 bodies in each furnace. They could do this to 1,000 people each day.
-They had an actual steel door from one of the gas chambers. Thick like a bank vault with the same type of handle.
-Before and after photo's of all the handicapped and mentally disabled children they killed in the name of purifying the gene pool. Why they did the before photo's I don't no. They stripped the kid down and just made them stand there with the doctor and the doctor was smiling. Then they did experiments on them.
-There was a room just full of shoes.

There was so much more but it was simply to much for me to Blog about and I wish I was more eloquent but that is not on e of my gifts.

Anywho, the trip was great and well worth the unexpected rain and partially crabby baby:)


  1. What a great way to have fun and learn with Amanda. I love the pictures. It would be fun to go to Washington DC. Maybe one day. I love your and Amanda boots. Give that beautiful Grand-daughter kisses form us. Love ya

  2. You look so cute for your Anniversary date and in all the other photos too! How fun was it to have Amanda visit?! Looks like you guys did some great stuff. I would love to go to the Holocaust Museum. All the things you mentioned are so sad and I know it would be a very emotional experience. :( You look great and for some reason I think you look like Dawn in almost all of these pics.

  3. Hey, I was just there the week before you! I kinda would've preferred rain over the million degrees it was for me. I went to the Holocaust Museum too and the hair brushes really got me. And the wall of names of people who helped save people.