Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Happenings

-Mike and I are in the market for a new real estate agent due to an unfortunate incident with our ex-real estate agent. Get us in a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Wendy's pulling herself up into a standing position on the couch, in her packnplay and pretty much anything that will hold still long enough.
-Ruth's talking gets clearer everyday. Her knew favorite saying is, "No thanks." Which she thinks should get her a pass on anything she doesn't want to do. "Ruth, you need to eat your sandwich.", "No thanks!" How polite.
-Wendy is an octopus!!! It takes my entire body to pin her down so I can put on a sock! Forget about diapers.
-Mike starts school this week. I think he may be a life long student.
-I ruined a brand new shirt I was altering. Thankfully it was $5.
-I introduced Ruth to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers this week. Now I want every musical ever made! Much more preferable to cartoons.
-What's happening with the Colbalt you ask? NO IDEA! (wrecked months ago, no news from insurance agent)
-Wendy's currently perfecting an impression of Popeye. I'm trying to catch a picture of it which will be posted.
-Why why why does Ruth think the day starts at 6am? I'm blaming it on Day Light Savings.

and that's it.