Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ruth now has 6 teeth. CRAZY!!! she also decided out of the blue that she hates baby food which really puts me down seeing as we have 3 boxes of it left. and to put salt in a wound she won't feed herself still. she'll gladly eat any solids Mike or i place in her mouth but she will not pick it up and eat it. in fact her favorite thing to do is flick everything off her tray onto the floor then lean over and play with it on the carpet. double fun because if it happens to stick to her clammy hands it must be swiped off. needless to say she has digressed.

Mike is working hard as ever at school and work (he's an RA for 2 professor's) and i think i'm accurate in saying his highlight of the day is coming home and playing with Ruthie. he can make her laugh and laugh. they seriously watch YouTube video's of WorldofWarcraft and StarCraft together regularly and she holds still most of the time.

i'm still couponing up a storm. yesterday i bought makeup and body wash at cvs and made a profit of 50 cents:) the meal planning has been going well, sometimes we're not impressed with what i make but for the most part it's good food. it just means i won't be making it again.
i'm feeling the lack of cable/satellite but mostly i really miss netflix. i just like the background noise and the variety. i go once a week to the library for video's but it takes 2 or 3 days to watch them then it's repeat for the next 4 or 5 days. i think i watched Bed Knobs and Broomsticks 4 times in one day. of course i wasn't paying attention but Mike protested it yesterday.

Up Coming Events: Rob's going to be in DC April 13 and through the weekend so we're going to hop up there and visit. hopefully we'll see Hunter and Lisa Anderson (Mike's cousin and wife) and B Stock while we're up there.
Begging for food at dinner.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Change

I'm thinking that during the summer we're not going to want hot cooked meals as much and won't want to cook oodles over a hot stove/oven so Sundays during the Summer will be Cold Salads.

Yesterday we had a Bell Pepper and Asparagus Tortellini salad with a lemon/Dijon Mustard Dressing (Better Homes and Gardens Anniversary Addition pg. 464). I made the dressing Saturday night, boiled the pasta and veggies in the morning, tossed it with the dressing and through it in the fridge. All I had to do when I got home was stir in the green onion and toasted almonds I had cut before Church which is at 1pm. Some adjusting will have to happen next year when we have 9am Church.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I've got that 2 oclock feeling so bad right now. Napping would be so lovely but my kitchens a disaster and I'm baking pizza's tonight.

Monday, March 21, 2011

So here is my revised Meal Planning Format (Original by Liz Edmunds, The Food Nanny). I'm planning my menu every two weeks.

Monday's: Sandwich's-there are soooooo many good sandwich's out there! Tonight we're having Artichoke and Basil Hero's.

Tuesday's: Italian or Asian-I do any every other week kind of thing. This weeks Chicken Satay Skewers w/peanut sauce and Sesame noodles.

Wednesday's: Fish or Meatless-which includes breakfast food. French Toast for dinner? Yes Please!

Thursday's: Mexican- If you've never made corn tortillas from scratch I recommend you try it. They're easier than I thought and SUPER GOOD!! Liz recommends using a gallon freezer bag with the sides cut off to roll the dough between which is how I do it.

Friday's: Pizza night! I make 2 pizza's each time. The 1st one's for dinner, since it's just Mike and I, the 2nd bakes while we eat and takes care of lunch for Saturday.

Saturday's: Grill night. We don't have a grill right now so I'm looking to get a Grill pan for the stove. Otherwise, this can be a date night or fend-for-yourselves night:)

Sunday's: Tradition/Comfort food. Make your Mom's or Mother-in-laws specialties.....or at least try. By now Mike and I have some of our own faves, Red Thai curry, Aussie potato bake etc.

Friday, March 18, 2011


B (Brian Stock) shared this with Mikey and I'm sharing it with you:)
Note: if ever you find yourself having a hard day or you're sad and need to smile just get on youtube and watch videos of funny babies.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Beast Sleeps

While I was washing bottles at about 5:20pm Ruth starts bouncing and going CRAZY!!!!! Thinking she's hungry I tell her I'll make a bottle as soon as I finish washing them. About 4 minutes later it gets quiet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I found this Nativity on etsy.com and I'm a little in love. I collect nativities and some day this will be mine.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ruth will hold your hand and guide the spoon to her mouth. She will put anything on the floor regardless of size in her mouth. She will chew on stationary objects. She will chew when you chew and want food when you want food. But she will not, will not put a Cheerio in her mouth. It can be handed to her or put on the ground and she will look at it and play with it and try hard to drop it from her moist palm but IT WILL NOT go in her mouth.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today's Sweet Buy

CVS Pharmacy
4 Baby Lotions
2 Head-to-Toe Wash
2 Baby Shampoo
1 Desitin
Each $3 on Sale
9 coupons for $1 off
1 Revlon Nail Polish (Spring is here. Let the Toe Painting begin!)
1 coupon $1 off.
Various CVS Bucks (CVS Money from previous purchases).

Total Money out of pocket for Purchase: $5.31...............and I got a free Umbrella Stroller.


Friday, March 4, 2011

What the Whats?

Ruthie has cut 4 teeth before before her big front top teeth. Isn't that funny? She's gonna look like a doofy 7 year old with missing front teeth:) I've never heard of that happening before. She's on the verge of crawling. I can't decide if I'm pumped about that or sad. When she can crawl the crying will be able to follow me around the house instead of being banished to one room.

Mike is currently on Spring Break which I love. I don't even care if he's on the computer all day cause I just like having him there to chit-chat with unlike Ruth who just wants to talk about food, naps and how much she like her chew toys......okay I mostly don't care if he's on the computer all day.

I planted my herb pots today:) with Rosemary, Lemon-Thyme, Basil and chives. The smells on our deck are heavenly. I've also made a goal to have dinner at the table 5 nights a week and tonight will be night 5. I bought the Food Nanny's book when she came and spoke to the Stake Relief Society and I LOVE it. Her meal planning has help me immensely!!!! I used to get anxious and depressed everyday around 3pm knowing that dinner was coming and I either didn't know what to make or I was unimpressed with what I had planned. But now I'm a little excited and look forward to it. Mike and I are the only ones at the table but I really like the Family Dinner atmosphere.