Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Had to Share

I call these Busy Work toys. They are mostly for Sacrament Meeting but occasionally I pull them out when Ruth's bored or I need her attention elsewhere. The first 2 ideas I stole from a friends Mom, who in turn stole it from someone else.
  1. That is an old Parsley container. It needs to be Parsley so the holes are big enough for the Pipe Cleaners. It cracks me up to watch Ruth put them in the hole then carefully and sloooowly push it down and in.
  2. That's a Take and Toss cup (the bowl w/lid is nicer because it's a wide base) with a hole in the lid the size of a dime. You want the hole to be just big enough that the fuzzy's fit, but small enough that it takes some effort.
  3. 1 size fuzzy for each container. It's a Dump and Sort thing.
  4. I call this one Sewing, but Ruth calls is Cookie. 2 shoe laces (I think I'm going to switch to ribbon) and the shaker tops from all the spices in my cupboard. I have to take those off every time I measure something out, and it was bothersome, so I took them off, washed them up, used permanent marker on the rims and SHAZAAM! Sewing for Ruth.
If you girly's have any Busy Work ideas PLEASE share them, I need more.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wendy's Blessing Dress

 This Dress gave me heartburn.....okay, I don't get heartburn but if I ever did this would be the cause.
 "Guten Tag! My name is Greta and I'm Amish." :)

 "Mmmmmm.....Blessings taste good." There was some residual Blessing in the fabric.
My Mom is soooo talented! She made the Bonnet, Blanket and Booties which I LOVE.

What a Day

1-Today was the end of week three of weight training, and I can't believe how much I like doing it!!!
2-When I got home from working out Mike informed me that Ruth had taken off her diaper and scattered Marble Poos all over the floor.
3-Mike and I went on our very first Paid Babysitter date today and it was GREAT!!
4-Ruth went potty for the first time tonight!!!
5-Introducing Potty Treats may have been the worst decision ever, since 2 year old's don't understand why Potty Treats are only given after a successful potty experience, resulting in a complete melt down.
6-I'm still thankful to Em for teaching me about Paper Lunch Bag Popcorn:)

Friday, August 10, 2012

A First

Ruth's First Prayer with my help:

Me: Bless Josh on a Mission.
Ruth: Missin.
Me: Bless us.
Ruth: ........
Me: Help us sleep well.
Ruth: Seep.
Me: Help Daddy be safe.
Ruth: Safe.
Me: We love thee.
Ruth: Nope (clear as a bell).
Me: We love thee.
Ruth: Nope.

We have failed.