Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our 4th of July was awesome!!!! The samples at Sam's Club on Friday and Saturday were plentiful and good:) I had a special feeling that because it was a Holiday weekend they would pull out all the stops and they did. Saturday night we went to a Durham Bulls game with our friends. The Bulls are the local triple A baseball team and it was so much fun! Chick Fil-A sponsored some fireworks afterwards and they were quite decent.

Sunday we hung out at our house vegging. Monday was our big barbecue with the gang. I made 6 1/2 layer dip. The guacamole layer was so thin it shouldn't even count really. We sat by the pool and ate for like 2 hours. Yummers. We left a little early due to the fact that Ruth and I couldn't swim and we were melting by the late afternoon.

Kasey, my sis-in-law through Robert, came down from Maryland while she's staying with her parents to come play with us for a few days. I'm dumb and forgot to take any pics:( We talked for hours about this and that, watched some awesome BBC movies and ate some yummy Kasey brownies. We also went blueberry picking. They weren't as big or yummy as the Indiana blueberries but they made really good blueberry cobbler which I made 3 times in 24 hours:) I'm planning on making it for Em and John when we go to visit in a few weeks.

Upcoming Events:
July 15 Peach Day @ Farmer's Market
23 Flight to Indiana To visit the Wells
30 Flight back to Durham
(many other Anderson's will be showing up in Indiana while we're there)
31 Driving to VA to see Lyle and Dallin

August 4 Susanne arrives
6 Mike's Birthday
8 Ruth's getting Blessed
8 Susanne departs
12 Amanda's Birthday
13 Amanda Arrives
16 Our Anniversary
23 Amanda departs
(at some point during Amanda's stay my parents are arriving for 4 days)

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