Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nap Time with Daddy. I promise she has hair on top of her head. It just doesn't photograph.

Ruth's first trip to the Beach. The temp. was so nice at the Beach but the sand stuck to her face like she was covered in glue. Rinsing her face off in the bathroom was a little traumatizing for both of us. That's Brian Stock "B" in the back. And that's my huge white face in front.

Brian and Mike went to walk on the peer but didn't cause you had to pay. Lame!!


  1. Your little one is so darn cute and so are you! I wish I could go to the beach....

  2. We wish we were sitting on the beach. You look beautiful, no you do not have a fat face. Hope things are a little better with Ruthie. We love you all give that new grand-baby kisses from us.