Sunday, June 27, 2010

My babykins

So I'm a little camera crazy right now cause our babies just so dang cute but I figured you would all appreciate it since most of you haven't met her yet.

I can't decide if she looks like a Koala or a beetle clinging to Mike but I love it!!!!!

This is for my mom. She bought this outfit for Mike before we knew what her gender was:) She did have a 50% chance of guessing right.
Small Baby, Big Seat. This is the first pic we took after bringing her home from the hospital. If you think of the head rest as an accessories she almost passes as a Star Wars character.


  1. I agree she's cute, but does she have a lucky ear?

  2. Imay need to be told what a lucky ear is:)

  3. She's darling. We are so excited to meet her next month.
    Bella has an ear that was fused wrongly in utero. She'll always have a bit of a kink to the outside edge of her ear. In reference to "Finding Nemo"s lucky fin, we call it a lucky ear.