Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Latest and Greatest

Today we (Mike went with me as my fire power) went to the OBGYN to talk them into inducing before the two weeks late mark hit. Can you believe they were seriously going to let me go that far over my due date? The babies head is down and pretty much in the prime position but I still haven't dilated at all.

Anywho, it worked:) My due date is Monday and we will be going in on Wednesday night to have medicine applied then we'll stay at the hospital and have it Thursday morning. That's if I don't have it before then. Also, I'm calling Monday morning and if anyone had their babies over the weekend that were supposed to be induced Tuesday I can be bumped up to Monday night and have the midget on Tuesday morning? All things considered I'm so glad to now have a sure day in my head instead of this crazy unsure waiting. Plus I'm so relieved I won't be pregnant for a couple more weeks. Phew.


  1. That's exciting!!! Good Luck with everything!! Hopefully you go on Monday! That's my Birthday!! It's a great day!!

  2. Mike and Kelly, mostly Kell, you are in our prayers, best of luck with the delivery and hope that all goes well delivering tiny girl, we cannot wait to see pictures. All the best and much love from us here in Colorado.

  3. Hey!! I figured out how to do this!! She is ADORABLE!! Congrats you guys! We love you!