Friday, June 25, 2010

A Beginning

Last night was our first night home with baby Ruth. Mike and I passed the day away trading her back and forth and back and forth and just getting a kick out of all the funny faces she pulls. We also constantly comment on how cute she is, she's such a good baby, yada yada yada. We're basically just in love with her from her long toes that could rival Quin's up to her awesomely dark cap of hair.

Then bedtime hit......duh Duh DUH! At 2am this child would not go to sleep. She kept spitting up and burping and would not settle down. How could she betray us like this? I thought she might be to hot so I took off her cloths. I thought she would do well with a pacifier for comfort but it kept getting knocked out by her hands. I tried tying her hands up in the blanket. Maybe rocking her to sleep will help. Maybe if I walk around. Maybe if I rub her belly and talk to her..........maybe, what if, should I try? All these things were going through my head and nothing was working and both Mike and I were exhausted. I said several prayers asking for help in trying to figure out what her needs were and how I could help her.

Finally even though it hadn't been very long since her last feeding I doubled her bottle from 2oz to 4oz, used a different nipple so she would swallow less air and I fed her till she wouldn't eat anymore, which was practically all 4oz. wrapped her up and put her in her car seat in front of the fan. It was like I put her in a coma. She slept from 4:30 am till 8:30am this morning which gave me enough sleep to smile at mt baby and give her loves when she woke up.

I'm so thankful that my prayers were answered and Ruth went to sleep. The first night was rough but it ended in triumph. Hopefully Mike and I will get better and better at this but I know it's only going to be with Heavenly Father and The Lord's help.

The story doesn't end there though. When I changed her pants this morning she pooped her diaper right after I snapped her onsie. The clean one hadn't even been on 1 minute.......evil trickster.


  1. good work, kelly! i'm so excited for you guys. she is such a doll. jonathan keeps catching me watching your videos of her and getting all starry-eyed:)

    one day, when dallin was just a couple weeks old, i was changing his diaper. i was wearing a long sleeved shirt, and after he peed on me, he squirted poop up my sleeve. after we got that all taken care of, he spit up everything he had just eaten all over me.

    my point is, babies are awesome:) miss you!

  2. Welcome to motherhood! I am impressed that you truly knew who could help you with the situation, you asked and received, tender mercy!

  3. the first night home is soooo hard....the little buggers always bawl...i feel your pain...but you will somehow survive!
    oh, and yes, most babies insist on pooping in clean diapers!

  4. This made me giggle so much! I seriously can't stop giggling. On a serious note, I'm glad you could turn to Heavenly Father for help. I can only imagine what it would be like to look at a little person and be like, "Holy cow, you are mine and your care needs to be provided by me." You and Mike are smart, loving and know who to turn to for help so I have complete confidence in you. When I come visit, you guys will get to sleep the whole night through.....until I come ask you for help. ;)