Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So today I went swimming at the Apartment pool. I set my stuff down and got ready for a refreshing swim. When I went to the pool 5 kids one by one stopped playing and stared at me open mouthed. Apparently they hadn't seen a pregnant women in a swimming suit before:) I calmly got in the water and they continued to stare:) So they all slowly go about their business but one kid looked at me and said, "Do you have a baby?", "Yes it's going to come out soon.", " I have a little brother.", "Really. How old is he?", "18 months." Then he swam away. Awesome.


  1. Ha ha Kelly that is so great. I want to see a picture of you super prego! Post one soon before the little guy comes out.

  2. a little girl in target looked up at my belly once and seriously almost fell over. woof. i hated the last weeks. the best was when we went to a byu baseball game, and there weren't any seats, so i had to sit on jonathan's lap. on my due date. i think i blocked the view of the whole right field. i'm just blabbing now. i miss you.