Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A few things

I have made a best friend!! She's really nice and she thinks I'm funny and we really like hanging out!........she's also 7 months old and her name is Jane Black. I picked her to be my best friend cause she has a comb over that looks nice in a barret.

Also, I waited 4 hours to take the driving test at the DMV and failed it.....The questions about the drivers license point system put me over the edge. It was a 25 question test and you can only miss 5. I made myself feel better by eating a bag of barbecue chips then when I went to girls night out I drank a whole diet coke and a cream cheese (thats to say I ate it and didn't drink it) danish and I have to say today I feel alot better:)

I did Pilots today (amanda talk for pilates) and cardio! That means I don't have to work out for the rest of the week.

We bought a scooter. We call it yip yip.

1 comment:

  1. I want to see a picture of your BFF, she sounds cute!

    I am very sorry that you failed the test, I am a brat but it made me giggle a little. Because crap like that ALWAYS happens to you!

    Yay, I would also like to see a pic of your yip yip.