Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Duke Sleep Out

Here are some highlights of the Duke Sleep out. For those of you who don't know what that is I will explain. To give you an idea of the size of the Duke basketball arena the Marriot Center holds 23,000 people where as the Duke Stadium holds 9,000. The basketball players are celebrities, the coach is a God and all the fans are called Duke Crazies. Why you ask? The fans at the games are nuts!! They yell, cheer, jeer, cat call and stand the whole time. No one goes to the concession's, you don't leave to pee and if you sit down you might die! Therefore, the tickets to the games are hot and hard to get. So, because so many of the students want tickets they hold a lottery. For 29 hours the students camp out on school grounds and every so often a siren blares (also in the middle of the night) signaling the hoard of students to come check in. Sometimes there's a couple of hours in between, sometimes there's only 20 minutes in between calls and the lines are massive. You're only allowed to miss 1 check in, you miss 2 and you're out. Mike got a ticket:)
My bearded barbarian.

The air mattress was ours. He didn't know the tent didn't come to NC with us so under the stars he went.

Tent city! This isn't even close to showing how many people camped out. On the Hill lots of people stays in the back of Uhauls.

Free food? Yes ma'am. Mike took this picture while we were getting free burgers. The tent in the back ground is the check in tent and all those people are waiting their turn. Mikey was always fast. When the siren went off every person there ran full speed to the tent. It was nuts.

Mmmmmm...sweat. It was oober hot that day. I glisteneth.

Mikey and I love to dance!!!!!!!!!!! We really need to do this more often.

The freshman balla's (boy speech for basketball players) came to be introduced and everyone went crazy. When Coach K was talking everyone was pin dropping quite.

At just before midnight our friend Jared Ashworth (on the right) won the Guitar Hero competition with the largest score I've ever seen!

Lots of fun all around. Afterwards they had 3 check ins back to back. CRAZY!


  1. Oh my gosh! That looks like so much fun!! I feel like we missed out on good times!

  2. You guys are crazy, but what a memory! I can tell that I am getting old because I worried about the safety instead of the fun.