Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stake Women's Day

Was So Awesome! I took classes on Anxiety in Children, Farmer's Market How to's, and Mormons and Muslims. Each class was an hour long but each could have easily gone way over and I wouldn't have been sad at all. They were so cool! We had a Psychologist come and teach us how to recognize child anxiety and what could be done about it. I was surprised by how many of the women in the stake had kids with diagnosed anxiety problems.

The Farmer's Market class was great. This sister told us the best farmer's markets in the area and what places offered the best apples or cabbage or whatever. She explained about bottling and drying and food storage which might sound boring but she did it in such a good way! All the kids used to help Mom and Greg bottle peaches, beans, apricots and such so some of it wasn't knew to me but then again I know nothing. I will say that she kinda just through her corn in the bag and let it sit all lumpy in her freezer. We always had to lay in perfectly flat so it was organized and more fit in the freezer but I won't hold her lumpy corn bags against her.

The Muslims and Mormons class was interesting and sometimes I was a little uncomfortable. The sister who taught it was a convert to the church and had been a Muslim till she was 15. Her main objective was to give us a clearer understanding of what they believe and dispel any previous views that were incorrect. She did super well and was strait forward.

I really liked it! Best part is they do this every year with different classes. :)

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