Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Smile

I was wondering around on youtube again today when I found this video clip that Ashley Hone and I used to watch over and over again in high school and we called it "the smile". It's about half way through the clip when a boy and girl sing a love song. Part way through the guy gives this great smile, hence the name.

We loved it!!!! Being the swoony teenagers we were it was bedazzling! This is for you Ash!

1 More: This is Flamenco and one of my Fave. performances called Fire Dance
2 More: This is and Uilleann pipe solo also from River dance


  1. I almost forgot about "the smile." I can't believe you found it! You remember how we scream over this and watch it like 20 times a day? Yeah, those were good days! Thanks for finding this, what a treasure.

  2. I remember 'the smile'! You guys were so funny. This is Anneli

  3. Mom has now seen your blog. I have done my duty. She likes it and will look at it often! So post some new stuff she's bored, pictures would be appericiated! peace out, anneli