Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sleeping habits

Mike and I are so different when we sleep. I like it cold with at fan so I won't have any mid night sweat wakups plus I like to bundle myself in blanket, and Mike likes it warm with some blanket and lots of pillows. I sleep flat on my back. Mike sleeps everywhich way. I hold still pretty much all night and Mike does gymnastics ( but he rarely wacks me which I like).

Yesterday I dumped out the odds and ends bag to retreave my swim suit. Other things that call that bag home are some winter wear. At bed time we just put the stuff on the floor.

At some point in the night Mikey got cold so he grabbed some apparel off the floor. This morning I woke up to a jammied, blanket bundled Mike with my fire engine red ruffled Gap scarf wrapped around his neck.

Priceless.....but I didn't get a picture:-(


  1. Well I think you need to get Mike some Flannel pajamas, a sleeping cab, then he will be fine. It is so much fun learning how to handle when couples sleep different. Have fun Love Debi Mom

  2. Too bad you didn't get a picture. I would have loved to see it.

  3. I up dated my blog, check it out. mmmkay, Anneli
    P.S. YOu guys are cute