Monday, August 17, 2009

the Holiday Season approaches!

Mark your calendars people we have 76 days till Halloween, 102 days till Thanksgiving, and 131 days till Christmas!! Start crafting and shopping for my presents now or you might get behind!!! PANIC PANIC!

One more thing. Did you know you can make home made microwave popcorn? I learned this from my sister-in-law Emily then did some research on google about it.

Step 1- Pour 1 quarter cup air pop popcorn in a paper lunch bag.

Step 2- If desired pour 1 Tbsp. olive oil in bag and salt to taste (you do not have to do this before poping, you may do it after or not at all. Oil is not necasary for poping).

Step 3- push air out of bag and fold down a couple of times (you can also fold once and put one staple in it. It will not spark but you still have to push out the air).

Step 4- Place in microwave and cook till 3-4 seconds lapses between pops.

Serve. It's yummy I promise!!!!


  1. There's also a way to make it into carmel popcorn and it is VERY delicious. I should find the microwave carmel popcorn recipe and give it to you. I bet you'd love it!

  2. Oh I agree with Ash, the carmel popcorn is delish!!

    Happy Anniversary, belated!!

  3. OK I will try this. Just one thing what is air popcorn. Hows the job hunting. Thanks also for letting us know that Christmas is around the corner.
    Have a great night

  4. Kelly!!! I have totally been listenting to christmas music since July and I am already planning christmas decorations. And I am so excited to watch hocus pocus and carve pumpkins. BUT...just like you said, the 4th of july streamers are still up at work. Ha ha. Miss you!