Friday, August 7, 2009

Clean Carpet

Before I tell this story keep in mind that Mike reminds me daily to not spend any money. We have no furniture literally, we sleep on an air matress andour computer sits on the floor.

So he turns to me yesterday and says that we have to agree tomorrow on a vacuum and go buy it. I just kinda stared at him and said okay why? Even though our carpet looks clean we haven't vacuumed since we moved in and he's grosed out.

Out of all the things we don't have and after getting achy knee's and necks from squating on the floor this is what he wants to buy first before I get a job. So we bought one today and I got to watch Mike do the vacuuming. the end.


  1. YAY for vacuums and husbands who vacuum! love your guts. P.S. your blog adress worked Anneli

  2. It's about freaking time you joined the blogging world! So glad you made it!