Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Amanda has been visiting this week (more on that later) which made it possible for us to go on a date for our anniversary:) AMAZING!!!!

To start off Mike and I both completely forgot about it! In fact Amanda was the one who told me it was my anniversary.....pathetic, but it was pretty funny to see the Oh Crap face when I said "Happy Anniversary" to Mike.

We broke protocol and took Amanda and Ruthie out for Anniversary Thai food. The constant moving and shifting of plates/glasses/utensils/napkins out of Ruth's reach kept us on our toes. SHE IS SO FAST! AND SNEAKY!! AND STRONG!!!

Ruth mourned at the front door while we were at a movie. Amanda said she would crawl over to the door and whimper like she kept expecting us to come back through it. I love that girl.

3 years:)


  1. Happy anniversary! I have to say I'm exceptionally pleased you two chose each other!