Monday, August 22, 2011

Great Find

For months I've been looking for something to keep my current needle work in that wouldn't be an eye soar in my living room. There are obviously lots of options out there but I was looking for a GREAT price and I found it:) I went to the clearance isle at Walmart and found this large picnic basket sitting there just for me. The problem was it didn't have a price tag. Hoping for the best I took it to the check out with me. The manager happened to be close by and on finding out I had this basket she let me have it for $3 because she was sick of it coming up to the register and not being able to find a price for it. I love it!!!


  1. Ya! I love great finds like that. And also your hair cut is really cute. And your husband and I are cousins, so I'm not totally stalking you out of nowhere :)

  2. Super cute hair Kelly! I love the basket too, way to go;)