Monday, August 22, 2011


My wonderful friend Kristie chopped 9 inches off my hair today! Can you believe it was that long? 1 more inch and I would have been able to donate it but there wasn't a whole lot of it since I was close to going bald after having Ruth. Seriously! When it just kept coming out (women usually experience hair lose after giving birth due to hormone changes and other annoying things) I thought I was going to wake up one morning with bald patches. My pony tails were maybe the circumference of a dime...maybe smaller. It was the most pathetic pony tail you've ever seen on a grown woman. 
p.s. I took these pictures cause Mike was scared of what he's come home to so a request was made for me to email pics. to him.

p.p.s. He says it looks thicker:)


  1. Well, I like it. Your stylist must be amazing! But then again, you are pretty cute, so I'm sure that helped. :)

  2. somehow i missed this post! way cute! I love it!