Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pumpkin Head is now a large hard spot in my gut. It's small but likes to lay on my bladder causing me problems. I think I felt it moving around the other day but I'm not gonna lie it might have just been gas. Thats not meant to be gross thats just my own speculations. Mike is still in Utah and won't be back till the 5th. I've only been alone for 2 days but I'm already bored out of my mind!!!!! I will post pics of Christmas when he gets home since he has the camera.


  1. kelly kelly, i haven't forgotten you! but i can't find the sheet so i need to go to campus and get a new one for you!

  2. OH


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (It's still the 7th in Utah land, so I'm not late!)

  3. Hi sis! I love you. I hope Mike had a good time in Utah and I hope you weren't to bored with out him. I want pic's to look at. i up dated my blog just for you! Have a good day and love your guts! Mrs. Jacob Alvey (p.s. have you seen a DR yet?)