Monday, January 18, 2010

Mikey and the Sunbeams

Yesterday was Mike's first time teaching the 3 yr olds and it was awesome!! He was explaining that our spirits lived with Heavenly Father before we came to earth. He was telling them that when we're born as babies thats the first time we were in our bodies. So then Asher said that his little brother is a baby but he still poops in his diaper. Then one of the other kids said that he doesn't wear a diaper he wears underwear. Then another one said that she wears Dora the Explorer under wear and tried to show us which started a chorus of all the different kinds of princess panties or Elmo underwear that was in the room. It all happened so fast that Mike and I couldn't stop the underwear talk for some time. As I said, Awesome.


  1. yay for sunbeams! ours are just running around, twirling, standing on chairs... like you said Awesome! My job yesterday was to run interference in the door way. I literally caught one boy as he bolted out the door. Then while I was holding him and talking to him he put his hand down my shirt. Later the same boy hit his teacher so we would take him to his mom. I love primary!!! The best calling in the ward. Love, Anni

  2. i love this post
    my kid still wears a pull up to church
    how embarrassing