Friday, December 18, 2009


So today it snowed in Durham. Much to my joy and happiness there were big fat flakes and it's supposed to snow through the night. But, Durham people are funny about snow. They love to freak out about it like they may die on the way home!! People keep telling me "we're not used to snow." " We don't have snow plows." "I hate ice." And while all this is very true I still think they're all being weirdies. One person said to another today, "Did you see they salted and sanded the highways today?", "I know I can't believe they did that." .........Weirdies. Not only that but all the gallon water jugs were sold out at the stores last night and everyone was shopping in anticipation for not leaving the house the entire weekend. Schools got out 2 1/2 hours early today and most people wouldn't come to work or left early.......weirdies.

Key Change: I got a gift card for $15 from work today for Harris Teater which is kinda like a Harmon's Grocery Store. So Mike and I went and bought enough crab to stuff ourselves and it was awesome!!!!!! And Good!!!!

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  1. For some reason, your blog updates haven't been showing up in my Google Reader. Arg! But, on the upside, I got to read all three from the past week at once. Yay! And I'm jealous about the crab.