Monday, December 21, 2009

Mike and I have been released from Nursery:( We were only assigned to the first half of the two hours which meant I still got to go to Relief Society which was awesome. We are now going to be working with the Sunbeam A class. So we will get some of the kids we've had these passed 4 months in Nursery. Sad part is I can no longer go to Relief Society and Mike will no longer be getting candy in Elders Quorum.......But now we get to go to sharing time!!!!!! I'm a little excited about that part. I get to sing Primary songs:)


  1. Yay for primary! How many kids will you have? You got put in at a great time. Starting in 2010 the classes won't be in charge of sharing time. Our teachers were a little to excited for that. Congrats on the crab-yuck-but what ever floats your boat. Peace out cheese face. Anni P.S. Robyn has a little baby bump. so cute!

  2. Yay for you guys!! I am in the Primary Presidency so I am not happy about the teachers no longer taking turns with Sharing Time ha ha I actually teach next week... I am nervous. It will be my first time! I am over the nurseries in our ward and man do I love those kids. It will be fun to still have some of the kids that you had before! Congrats.