Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Move

Since Mike and Ruth are both asleep and I can't do anything for fear of waking them up I should clearly Blog.

Well, we're ready to leave except for a few last minute items that need to go in the truck and a bit of house keeping. I'll admit I'm sad to leave. Two and three quarter years ago I never would have thought it possible with how homesick I was, but with the addition of friends and babies it has slowly become home.....I hate goodbyes. I'm that person that always makes it weird. I'm either so excited to be off that they don't think I care or so sad my eyes kinda glaze over and I'm emotionless, also making people think I don't care. I'd rather be a gypsy and just disappear in the middle of the night, again making people think I don't care but at least I wouldn't have to witness it:)

I hear a little girl garbling so I must be off!

Goodbye Durham!! We're leaving you tomorrow morning.

Houston we will see you in a few days.


  1. Good luck you guys!! Drive safe

  2. Kelly you crack me up! I am also the weird, act like I don't care type. In fact, I think when we move we might just skip our last week of church and head out :) I hate goodbyes! Good luck in Houston!

    1. The goodbyes actually went well:) good luck to you guys !!