Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's HERE!!

The moving day is upon us! It's now 10:05pm on Tuesday and we leave after Sacrament meeting on Sunday. ACK! I've been packing and packing and packing and yet more packing. The Crock Pot, Kitchen Aid, Food Processor, Blender and Rice Cooker are probably going to be the last to go because I just have no idea how to pack them. There isn't a box out there that's the right size, except maybe the one's they came in which I do not have:(

Poor Ruthie had a temperature of 101.3 when I put here to bed tonight. Hopefully she's fully recovered by the time we leave. At least she didn't get sick on like Saturday....that would have been to much for my pregnant nerves........3 days traveling in the car with a sick girly.

On a positive note we now have somewhere to live:) We looked long and hard for a house to rent but that just didn't work. So, we'll be in an apartment for a year then we'll look for a house to rent....or maybe buy:) I can only dream.

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  1. Good luck in the move. I hope your drive is pleasant, or at least uneventful.