Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Things...

A few weeks ago I was DIEING for a new craft to do so I wandered around Joann's looking for inspiration and came across some iron on patterns. EUREKA!!!!! I believe I have found my new craft love. Embroidery. Obviously I'm very novice but all I can do is improve:)
This Raggedy Ann Onesie for Ruth was my first project. I had decided to make some kitchen towels (I'll post them later) as a wedding present for a friend so I practiced on this first which I'm very glad I did. I kinda want to take out the hair and redo it but we'll see.
These Baby Booties will be a Shower gift in the future. The flowers came out of my brain:)
These were also pieces of an iron on pattern that I made into hair barrettes, they just need to be mounted.

For my next project I want to make a picture for Ruth's bedroom which is in dire need of some decor. I found this designer on a blog I follow and I LOVE HER!!!! I can't decide which pattern I'll use but it will definitely be one of hers.


  1. Happy 1st birthday to ruth and also I love all that stuff you made-I am super impressed!

  2. Oh my goodness Kelly, you are so talented! Those shoes are so stinking cute! Let me know when you start to sell stuff:)