Friday, March 4, 2011

What the Whats?

Ruthie has cut 4 teeth before before her big front top teeth. Isn't that funny? She's gonna look like a doofy 7 year old with missing front teeth:) I've never heard of that happening before. She's on the verge of crawling. I can't decide if I'm pumped about that or sad. When she can crawl the crying will be able to follow me around the house instead of being banished to one room.

Mike is currently on Spring Break which I love. I don't even care if he's on the computer all day cause I just like having him there to chit-chat with unlike Ruth who just wants to talk about food, naps and how much she like her chew toys......okay I mostly don't care if he's on the computer all day.

I planted my herb pots today:) with Rosemary, Lemon-Thyme, Basil and chives. The smells on our deck are heavenly. I've also made a goal to have dinner at the table 5 nights a week and tonight will be night 5. I bought the Food Nanny's book when she came and spoke to the Stake Relief Society and I LOVE it. Her meal planning has help me immensely!!!! I used to get anxious and depressed everyday around 3pm knowing that dinner was coming and I either didn't know what to make or I was unimpressed with what I had planned. But now I'm a little excited and look forward to it. Mike and I are the only ones at the table but I really like the Family Dinner atmosphere.


  1. On the subject of front teeth, you should know that Ruth has a grandfather whose two front permanent teeth did not come in until after two oral surgeries. He went years without those two front teeth. So start saving for an oral surgeon's fee:)

  2. OH NO!!!!! Thats terrible but I'm willing to pay for it so she doesn't get made fun of for the rest of her life.