Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well....Thanksgiving was so great!!! The stuffing and pies were good, SO RELIEVED!!! The rest of the food was also tasty. For the first ten minutes of dinner all that could be heard was a chorus of, "This is great turkey!", "Who made the yams they are sooooo good.", "Who made the stuffing? I really like it.", "I love mashed potatoes. Good job!" and so on... and on....and on. We couldn't help ourselves. When you're normally not the one doing the cooking for a very important food consuming tradition and lots of other people are going to eat stuff they'd rather have their Mom make it puts a lot of pressure on a girl! So when it goes so well you have to talk about it for a lonnnnnng time:) The end.

Mike is just about finished with school to his, mine and Ruth's relief! One more semester behind us HURRAY!!!! He mentions every once in a while that the new version of WoW (World of Warcraft for those of you not plagued with this computer game) is coming out in a few days....which causes him to spontaneously salivate. The end.

Ruth is a crack up as usual. She now growls on a semi-regular basis and baby garbles to. LOVE IT!!!!! What I don't love is being woken up everyday at 6:30. There's no reason to set alarms when you have your very own rooster:) The end.

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