Monday, December 6, 2010

Heartache at the Anderson's

Ruth absolutely lost her mind today!!!! She won't take naps, won't play on the floor pleasantly for longer than 5 minutes and insists on crying over EVERYTHING. She doesn't have a temp. and isn't paying attention to her ears so that rules out an ear infection. Her gums aren't a different color than normal and their still smooth so I don't think she's teething. PMS is also ruled out and she's supposedly past the Purple Crying stage. The only conclusion I can come up with is that her heart has been broken by a cruel infant boy. It must have happened at church. I saw Caleb eyeing her yesterday in Relief Society. It doesn't matter that he's 3 months younger than her. Mike's younger than me so I don't judge. And I can't confront him about it cause he's never alone.

Truthfully this has been going on for about a me.


  1. Oh kelly I'm sorry, it sounds like you guys have been having a rough time. Hopefully she starts feeling better.

  2. Have you tried Mylicon? All the sudden Lola started having gas issues when she was a few months old and I heard her cry like I never had before! Maybe try that. Also Lola never played with her ears or showed us that she was sick when she had ear infections, so you never know. Hopefully it is just a short phase, good luck!!

  3. I bet she's tired. (But that's always why I think a baby is grumpy.) The not-taking-naps part is leading to the grumpy part which feeds back into not-taking-naps. I'm so sorry.

  4. also teething can go on FORFREAKINGEVER before any signs apppear.

    but i prefer the heartbreak theory. shame on that mean boy for breaking such a cute baby's heart.