Sunday, November 14, 2010

Turkey for the girls and Turkey for the boys.....

I have made the shopping list for Thanksgiving!!!! We're doing a Pot Luck with our friends like last year. SSSSOOOOO excited for the food! Last year it landed right in the middle of my morning sickness faze.....not so good. But THIS YEAR I am at my best hungry Thanksgiving self.

Mike isn't so much of a traditional Thanksgiving fan so he will be making some yummy Shrimp Kabob's for his and our enjoyment:) My assignment is Sausage/Apple Stuffing, Rolls (last year they were bricks cause I killed the yeast), and Peach/Candied Pecan Pie!

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  1. I tried a fudge brownie pie recipe last year--DE-licious! I want to try something fancy-schmancy this year as a side.