Thursday, November 4, 2010

But I Want It Now!

OH MY!!!!! I can barely contain myself!!!!! I want to decorate for Christmas soooooooo bad!!!!!!! If Mike would let me I would Deck the Halls right now.....but he won't. The decor goes up traditionally the day after Thanksgiving. I tried to explain that because we're leaving for Christmas vacation on Dec 18 that deprives me of 2 weeks of Christmas BLISS!!!! (i usually take them down New Years Day) But this year they're coming down on the 17:( Unfair. Therefore, I think I should get to do it 2 weeks early which would be November 12, one week away.

This isn't over Mr. Anderson.


  1. Just do it while he is gone, what will he do? MUAH HA HA

  2. You can come decorate my house!

  3. Mike, I'll back your play. Just tell me whether I should speak for you or against you.