Saturday, March 27, 2010

What We Do

Mike and I just got back from one of our favorite Saturday activities. Saturday Sam's Club Sample day. It goes like this. Mike and I go to Sam's Club (today we walked cause the weather was lovely and baby needs the exercise) with the purpose of eating. We walk through hitting all the sample stands that have goodies ready. Then we use my gift card from work to get some pizza/nathan's dog and a pop. But on days like this were the food is plentiful we share a nathan's dog (ketchup and onion's on the whole with mustard on my half and red pepper flakes on Mike's half) get the first soda for me then refill it with what Mike wants. Then we go hit the rest of the sample stands we missed the first go round then leave Sam's Club with full bellies and thankful hearts. It's quite possibly one of my favorite things that we do. It's our Sam's Club Saturday Date:) This tradition may never die.


  1. Oh man! This is exactly what Adam and I do for our Saturday dates. There's nothing like a good sample to brighten my day.

  2. And I avoid the sample tables at all cost. This reminds me of going through the drive through with you at Arctic Circle for complimentary cones and water.

  3. Mike used to do this with John and I when he'd come up to Provo for a weekend break from Snow. We'd switch sweatshirts to go back for seconds without being recognized. (Except, one time, on Mike's third trip back for salmon, the sample lady said, " You should really try it with tartar sauce this time.") Good times.