Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Story

Mom informed me in either December or January that she would be bringing me home in April for a baby shower. So, Thursday I call Mom to discuss baby showerness and she says to me, "What baby shower?" (I remind her about previous Dec/Jan discussion) "Oh, that was supposed to be a surprise." Silly Mom. How can it be a surprise if thats the reason I'm coming home in the first place.

Then I call my sister Anneli today and mention something about April and the baby shower to which she replies, "What baby shower?" I explain about silly Mom and she says, "Oh, that was supposed to be a surprise."

Then I call sister Amanda to talk to her about baby shower and I tell her what happened and she said she was talking to Anneli and she was also told it was a surprise. So, everyone but Amanda and I thought it was a surprise except that Mom told me about it months ago. Further more, If I was just coming over to visit in April, being seven and a half months pregnant, I would expect to have a shower so it couldn't be a surprise anyway. My family has to be a lot sneakier than that to pull a fast one on me:) Silly Mom. Tricks are for kids!


  1. Yay I am so excited to see you!

  2. Kelly! I am going to be here for your shower!! Not goin to vegas after all. So send me info! I want to bring you presents :)

  3. uhg, kelly! I don't know which number on my phone is mikes and which is yours. please email me so I can send you my address!