Friday, February 24, 2012

Sorry it has been awhile. Really I just don't have a lot to post most of the time.

Those are balloons. I believe she's watching Pollyanna which she LOVES!!

The Happenings:
-Ruth has finally started calling me Mommy or Mama. It's infrequent but it does happen.
-She sometimes calls Mike Dadoo.
-She can put her boots on all by herself. On occasion she struggles which results in the most fantastic meltdowns.
-Mike Aced his last test:)
-The temperature is currently 75 degrees and I'm wearing flip flops........there are tornado warnings for today and the weekend.
-I'v concurred the world of homemade granola.
-New baby moves on a regular basis, which didn't help when I had a yucky kind of stomach flu.
-Ruth is still in the 90's in all her stats.
-Mike and I are half way through season 3 of Murder She Wrote on Netflix.
-I'v taken to buying Coke Zero and hiding it around the apartment so Mike doesn't dump it out:)

The End.


  1. Yesterday I realized something very important. Pregnant women are entitled to 2 things.
    1) caffeine 2) swearing.