Thursday, January 12, 2012

The News

I can now officially tell you all that we will be moving to Houston, TX to work for IBM at the end of April, almost exactly 1 month before the babies born.

Reasons why you all should come visit us:
1- Miller Outdoor Theatre-Pack your lawn chairs and your cooler, and prepare to have a relaxing good time at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Visitors sit on the hillside or take a seat under the polygon canopy to enjoy the weekly shows that start in the spring and run through the fall.
2- Space Center Houston-Space Center Houston of NASA's Johnson Space Center, allows visitors to study and understand the making of space history. Enter into the five-story plaza which features a full-size shuttle mock-up, complete with a flight deck.
3- Houston Zoo-Situated in the lovely Hermann Park , Houston Zoo is home to more than 4500 animals from over 800 species. 
4- Bayou Bend-Bayou Bend is the former home of Ima Hogg, a famous philanthropist. Visitors can wander through 14 acres of woodlands and formal gardens, or check out the house that contains 4,800 various works of art.
5- John P. McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science (The Health Museum)-The Health Museum was made to be interactive, create awareness on health education and cater to kids. Exhibits include a large walk-through view of the human body called the Body Pavilion. Discussions and interactive talk sessions also feature the pros and cons of smoking habits, the importance of a healthier lifestyle and many other workshops that educate kids.
6- Houston Fire Museum-History buffs will enjoy the Houston Fire Museum, which traces the history of Houston's local firefighters from the late 19th century to modern day. The special photographic exhibit, "Taking the Heat for 100 Years," allows you to follow the history of fire fighting from the early years when buckets were passed hand-to-hand all the way through to modern technology. Another highlight is the 1892 steam fire engine that stands side-by-side with the modern 20th-century pumper.
7- Houston Ship Channel Boat Tour-Just sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…The Port of Houston offers a wonderful 90-minute tour of the Houston ship channels—for free! Perfect for a day of learning with the kids or to relax with a group of friends and enjoy the sights of the city. Passengers can view the channels from an air-conditioned room on board, and the first beverage is free—no personal food is allowed on board.

.........and more.


...and there's a water park Mike keeps talking about that's supposed to be huge, and cruises leave from our port:)

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