Thursday, February 10, 2011


How is it that babies can be so funny and super obnoxious (I spelled that correctly on my first try:)at the same time?

-Case in Point-
Ruth: Mom pick me up.
Me: I can't hold you right now.
Ruth: Mom!! Pick me up!
Me: Ruthie I've got raw chicken on my hands.
Ruth: Mom!! Mom!! MOM!!! Pick me up Mom!
Me: I really really can't right now. Play with your toys!
Ruth: MOM!!!!! PICK ME UP!! MMMMMOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!( she was actually crying but this is what she meant.)
Me: OKAY OKAY! (pick Ruthie up)
Ruth:Oh Mommy I love you! Your shirt tastes so good!! Aren't you glad you picked me up so I could soak your clothing?


  1. Love that baby. And all babies, really, with their "I'm dying-I'm really dying" cry, which turns into squeals of delight as soon as you pick them up. I never know whether to be flattered they wanted me so badly or thoroughly annoyed that there wasn't really anything wrong.

  2. Absolutely!!! Sneaky tricky babies.

  3. That doesn't happen to me. So I'm MISSING OUT, right?

  4. I have been told she is just like her MOM. Oh how I remember. Give her kisses from Grandpa Erik and Grandma Debi. It was great to see you all. Love Ya

  5. This is so funny. And by funny, I mean I feel your pain! Emma is already awesome at this... she will start small, then wail as if something absolutely horrific is going on, so I pick her up and she gets this huge, open-mouthed perma-grin. Babies are awesome! And Ruth is gorgeous! I love her chunk!! :)