Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sorry I have been away for so long but I've been playing:) This is our buddies Becky and Adam Johnson's little girl Mia. SOOOOO CUUTTTEE!! Becky's been practicing curling Mia's stick strate hair. Don't worry it looked better before, I fluffed it up for the pic cause I just couldn't resist.
She was also much loving Ruth's carseat which she fit in beautifully even if she is over 12 months old.

Our cute baby boy...rrr girl:) The Smirk.

Ruth's new coat makes me soooooo happy. I got it on clearance from Target and I think I really hit a home run. She seems to like it.

The hood is quite large but it does come off. This reminds me of Obe Won Conobee (I realize I'm spelling it wrong)



  1. that baby and that coat. it's the perfect combination. she's so cute!

  2. The smolder!!! Hhaha. I love it.