Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pictures As Promised

The First of the 3 Shower's was the Anderson's (my Dad's side)
The Belly.
My Dad's a die hard IN-N-OUT fan. So here's babies first burger.

My Aunt Ann helping us prep for the 2nd shower.
2nd Shower was for The Friends:)
These 2 are Preggers. Molly's baby is a He/She and Ashley in black/white (she's having 2 babies)
Heather in the center is also Preggers. That made 4 Preggers at my baby shower. Fun aye?

3rd Shower was my sisters/Farr's/Anderson's (Mike's Fam)

Robyn is pregger's and due the same day as me. She's my sister in law.
Maddy is not preggers.

I just realized I put all the Anderson pics on the Anderson Blog so they aren't here. Sorry.

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  1. I am glad to see that you found a good picture of me to show off. :) It was great to see you, miss having you around.