Tuesday, November 10, 2009


HE SHAVED!!! Oh my man is so hot now! I'm just going to say that out loud to the whole world. I CAN SEE MY MANS FACE AND I LIKE IT!!!!

Also, today was my first day of training at the American Red Cross and I pretty much rocked at it. I only did health histories which made my neck ache but was not so bad.

Tonight's menu is vegetarian Chimichangas.

P.S. when I posted this there were 44 days left till Christmas.


  1. aaaaahahah! i love it. Adam was playing Dragon Age the other night and there was a dwarf with a mustache so long it could be braided, I told him to tell Mike that's what he should do with his facial hair.

  2. Thank you, Mike. Beast man was a great He-Man character, but I wasn't sure I wanted to claim him for a brother.