Friday, October 16, 2009

My Trip

Mom surprised me Saturday morning during Conference by buying me a ticket to Utah so I could visit while my Grandpa was in town. Awesome!!!!! I'm sorry I couldn't see you all while I was there! I was only there for a week and was busy pretty much the whole time. But here are some highlights.

Note: I was trying to get candid photos of people which just means I didn't get anyone's faces:)

Hunting for Pumpkins at the Red Barn was so fun! Thats my sis Anneli on the right and my step Dad Greg with some grand kids.
Dawn with 4 of her 7 midgets and Mom in the background in red aka the Benafactress.

Melissa's the eldest with her youngest Ameliah.

Halle is oober excited to be getting pumpkins:) Really she is....


3 of the 4 youngest grand kids playing with great Grandparents dog Daisy.

Obviously Amanda is ready to run around a pumpkin patch.

Sammy and Jack Jack.

Multiple Grandkids.



The Wild Flower Grill is one of those small town, non-chain, bad for you kind of restaurants that I love. This is Madi goofing off.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. That's so happy that you got to visit your family. (Parents are great for that kind of business)

  2. uhg, sorry, i forgot I'm on Adam's computer, this is becki

  3. awesome! i was wondering who brett bubbles was:)

  4. Halle says thanx for posting video. She loves them. come home again soon mmmkay. love and kisses.

  5. I am still sad i didn't get to see you when you came out-glad you got to see your family though